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TiLiteAero X Folding Wheelchair          

The new TiLite Aero X Aluminum wheelchair combines unmistakable TiLite design elements with the convenience of a folding chair. It is available in two frame types: Fixed or Swing In or Out Removable Fronts Ends.




TiLite2GX Folding Wheelchair          

The TiLite 2GX Titanium folding wheelchair with its state-of-the art design offers great performance. The combination of the TiLite’s Tru-Fit component system and signature Bullet caster housing with a unique curved axle plate, gives the 2GX great versatility and durability.




TiLiteSX Folding Wheelchair          

The TiLite SX wheelchair is a remarkable breakthrough in strength to weight engineering. Weighing as little as 23 pounds, it is designed to easily fold to as narrow as six inches with the wheels removed. The SX offers a wide array of options that create maximum adjustability and performance.




TiLiteTX Folding Wheelchair          

The TiLite TX features the Rigid Folding Mechanism - “RFM”, a folding chair technology-developed using rapid prototyping and finite element analysis to meet the demands of our customers. The TX is stronger, lighter and designed for maximum performance.


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