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TENA for Men Level 1          

TENA for Men is available in two levels of absorbency and protection, both offering you all-day comfort, dryness and security.
This pad is anatomically shaped and can be worn with underwear. It's discreet yet provides that extra absorption you may need.




TENA Lady Super™          

Being the most absorbent TENA Lady variant.
Features synthetic elastic edges that ensure a superior fit and greater comfort.
Increased absorption and retention capacity ensure security and confidence in all situations.
Features a special absorption technology with super-absorbent granules, and Odour Control™.




TENA Lady Extra™          

TENA Lady Extra provides extra absorption whilst remaining remarkably discreet.
More protection and absorption because you lose voids of urine TENA Lady Extra could be the product for you.
Also TENA Lady Extra features a special absorption technology with super-absorbent granules, Odour Control™




TENA for Men Level 2           

Anatomically designed for the male profile, TENA for Men Level 2 offers greater absorption than Level 1 - with exactly the same discreet comfort, confidence and odour control.


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