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Tena Super          

Ensure maximum security and comfort.
TENA Slip Super has been specially designed for those care recipients with greater needs and who could be either bed-ridden or over-active.
A water-repellent barrier provides extra protection.




TENA Slip Maxi          

TENA Slip Maxi is triple absorbent than regular incontinence products and it will reduce changes of heavily incontinent of urine and/ or agitated residents during the night.
One piece is enough for whole night. Fewer disturbances of these residents at night can reduce sleep deprivation and promote increase comfort.




TENA Breathable Belted Diaper          

TENA Breathable Belted Diaper (BBD) is the latest innovative solution dealing moderate to heavy incontinence.
It consists of a highly absorbent core with an attached SUPERFIT band for fixation over the hips.




MoliCare Air Active Maxi          

All-in-one briefs for urinary and faecal incontinence
High absorption capacities for premium leakage protection


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